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See how field focused and designed RigFiles can help your company simply and safely communicate data.

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Why RigFiles?

Designed by the energy sector for the energy sector.

Why RigFiles?

Simple and easy. Built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and performance.

Why RigFiles?

Global content delivery caches speeds up data transfers throughout the world.

Performance and reliability combined with a simplified user interface to get work done fast.

Data security simplified.

- SHA2 SSL data encryption
- WAF (web application firewall) protected
- Dual layered DOS (denial of service) protection

Amazing performance for the field.

- Chunked data downlaods
- Global content delivery network
- Designed for high latency connections

Industry leading SLA's.

- Availability (SLA) 99.95%
- 24x7 support team
- Guaranteed repair time (GRT) 2 hours

Cached file delivery

hybrid cloud

unlimited client connections

file level analytics

Unlimited scalability in a hybrid designed architecture.

Hybrid archtiecture

Have your own corporate "dropbox" solution in the public cloud, on premise or utilize both. Learn more  

Unlimited scalability that wont break the bank.

Automatic scalability depending on your requirements at the best price. Learn more  

Designed by the Energy sector with a focus on Field Operations.

RigFiles focuses on efficient data communications for the most challenging high latency satellite connections. Giving customers the ability to have their own data communications platform in the cloud, on premise or a combination of both.


Priced for todays challenging market.

Field Data

Share data - fast.


All development comes from customer feedback.

Learn how RigFiles can help any market area share data safely, and reliably. Learn more  

Research & Development

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See how we can help overcome data sharing issues on the most challenging networks.

- Global content caching
- Unlimited client connections
- 24/7 customer support
- Download resume enabled
- Geo targeted uploads

- Social media enabled
- Document viewing
- Video streaming
- Full data encryption
- File level analytics